This is a handy list of all the resources featured in my blog. Use them to help plan and take the trip of a lifetime!

How Many Supplies Will I Need? Supply Calculator

As featured in my Stockpiling Supplies blog post, this resource can be used to calculate how many supplies you’ll need for the amount of time you’ll be travelling. The instructions are in the spreadsheet, but essentially, all you’ll have to do is input the dates of your trip and approximately how many supplies you use per a given time period, and the spreadsheet will calculate how many you’ll need to bring, even factoring in how many boxes you’ll need to bring if it’s a supply that comes in bulk (like how my test strips come in 50 per bottle and 100 per box). I’d love to hear your feedback – let me know how you like it and what could be improved to make this resource more helpful for fellow diabetics. 

Medical Supply Label Template for Bags

In case you’re worried about getting questions about you supply bag, or if you just want to be safe, here is a template for a label you can tape on your bag!

Suggested Packing List

This is a good starting place for building your own packing list. Of course, each person is different, and will want to bring different things, but this is a good beginning to get the thoughts flowing. After you’ve made an all-inclusive packing list, it might be a good idea to divide it up by what should go in each bag – for example, are there items that you want to access on the plane? Items that definitely need to be checked?

Sample Doctor Travel Note

It’s always good to have a note from your doctor that states that you have diabetes, and thus may need to carry certain supplies in order to care for yourself. If you’re ever questioned, especially by TSA, this is a great resource to have on you as proof. Your doctor likely already has a general note that their office uses, but here is a template just in case!

Diabetes Language Reference Sheet

This PDF contains a list of words that are relevant to Diabetes translated into Italian. Studying up on these words and phrases cold be helpful, or even printing this out and carrying it around could be helpful too! If there’s any words or phrases that you think I’m missing, send me a message 🙂

Market Words Reference Sheet

This PDF is a quick reference for words you might need to use in an Italian Market in order to tell the vendor what you want. In the market, you’ll need to be able to tell the vendor what and how much you want, so you’ll need to be familiar with the words for different foods, as well as numbers and words related to amounts. The below list is not all inclusive, but intended to help get you started!